Rolling Hills Guesthouse

Rolling Hills inventory has experienced a bit of a roller coaster ride this year with a high of 37 active listings for sale in June and dropping to a low of 22 properties for sale this month. There are currently seven Rolling Hills homes in escrow with accepted offers, and 17 Rolling Hills residences have sold this far in 2018.

With seven properties in escrow, it appears the 4th quarter of 2018 will give Rolling Hills a strong finish for the year.


Othe Palos Verdes Real Estate Snapshots for October 2018:

My Little Yellow Dot indicates most of the sub-markets on the Palos Verdes Peninsula are moving toward a local real estate market that favors neither the sellers nor the buyers. Likely, the market movement is being driven by rising interest rates and higher prices, but markets are always moving, and Palos Verdes enjoyed a seller’s market for many years.  As we know, real estate is cyclical and is continuously responding to supply and demand.


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