There are currently 176 single family homes for sale in Palos Verdes. There are 70 Palos Verdes single family homes in escrow with accepted offers, and 608 single family home sales recorded YTD in 2017.

Low inventory appears to be the New Normal market condition for Palos Verdes as the number of homes for sale has not varied much during the past two years. The single-family home market in Palos Verdes remains a seller’s market due to supply (low) and demand (high).

If you’re considering selling a Palos Verdes property, do not let the approaching holiday season deter you. I showed a new listing Sunday afternoon that came on the market two days earlier. The agent has two offers and talk of more on the way.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm, and the same is true for buyers and houses.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer and hope to find your dream home in Palos Verdes, you must team up with an agent and be diligent about seeing any strong possibilities as soon as possible.The market has been extremely tight for years, and there is pent-up buyer demand. Homes in good condition and priced right are snapped up within days of hitting the market. Don’t forget to have your lender ready to write a preapproval letter, and make sure your down payment is liquid and easily accessible. When a seller is evaluating multiple offers, a qualified buyer often wins out over those who submit an offer without verification of lender approval and down payment source. Preparation is vital when it comes to buying a Palos Verdes home.