Open gates and doors are the new way of welcoming buyers and an effective way to conduct “no-touch” showings.


“Is it advisable to move forward with listing my house this spring, given the pandemic?”  This is a question that can be answered only after weighing the pros and cons with a professional real estate agent/broker and with full knowledge of the required showing procedures. Yes, with the help of virtual tours, professional photographs, and virtual open houses, the marketing of your property is entirely possible. Submitting an offer has been an online process for several years. Home inspections can be viewed and discussed virtually as well. Closing the transactions does not require in-person appearances either. These methods of marketing and selling real estate are not new. I moved the majority of my real estate marketing online over a decade ago. I became a raving fan of DocuSign (e-signature) during that same time.

What is new is the arrival of the coronavirus. It’s changed the way in-person showings are conducted. We now must wear masks, gloves, shoe covers, and limit the number of people inside the house as well as remind prospective buyers to have a touchless showing. No opening doors and touching light switches allowed. Hand washing is required both before and after touring a property. That’s as safe as we can make the process, but does it eliminate all risks? No, that is why there is now a form for prospective buyers to sign stating they are aware of the coronavirus and will do their part in social/physical distancing, and employ all the safety procedures to reduce the risk of infecting others. There is a similar form that sellers sign agreeing to abide by the required showing instructions. These showing pivots are in place to protect the health and safety of both sellers and buyers.

The final decision rests with the seller and buyer. If the seller agrees to market a property during the coronavirus pandemic, and if both seller and buyer agree, property tours may be conducted with strict adherence to the showing guidelines, the showing can take place.  Your health and wellbeing have become a top priority for real estate professionals as we continue to conduct essential business during the Coronavirus pandemic. Life has changed, but it has not stopped. People still require shelter, and staying home has been redefined and taken on new importance. Charlemagne Int’l Properties is here to help you with your real estate needs as we maneuver our ways through this uncertain time.

Be well, and stay safe.

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Norma Toering, Broker/Owner



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