It may not take a village to orchestrate a successful real estate sale, but it certainly requires a team. I recently sold a home in the Lunada Bay area of Palos Verdes Estates, California. It was my sign in the front yard, but the backstory reflects a much different view.

The Seller plays a lead role in every sale. First, they must decide the time is right for them to sell a property. Next, they engage a real estate professional to guide them through the steps of selling, including pre-listing preparation, deciding whether to stage or not to stage the property, and establishing a marketing plan that begins with professional photos. After generating and negotiating offers, an escrow and title company are engaged to help close the sale. Termite Reports, City Reports, Home Inspection Reports and at least 60, yes, up to 60 other items must be checked off the list before the property is recorded in the new buyer’s name. Selling real estate may look glamorous at first glance, but rest assured, it is not for sissies!  This particular sale required that I view the main sewer line as it was being scoped.  🙂

The pre-listing phase is a crucial step in the selling process. A rush to market rarely benefits the Seller. The reward of taking a few days or weeks to prepare a property is often returned with a hefty increase in value. The house mentioned above was a hive of activity during a week of intense pre-listing preparations. A landscape company trimmed trees, laid new sod, added new plants and mulch to the garden areas. Painters touched up or painted rooms as needed. The wood floors were refinished, and as soon as they were dry, the staging company transformed the interior from bare to coastal chic. Next, enter the professional photographer timed to appear at high noon to capture the natural light at its best. The morning of the first broker’s open house, I met a cleaning crew at the property at 7 AM to make sure the windows sparkled, and the bathrooms were spotless.

The coordinated effort resulted in multiple offers and the knowledge and fulfillment of knowing the property’s value was maximized with the help of a team. Here’s a big shout out to the many hands that helped me with the sale.



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