Love the doors of Eng.

A Cotswold Door–England 2010

As a Palos Verdes real estate agent and broker / owner of Charlemagne Int’l Properties, I spend much of my time opening and closing doors.  Sometimes for sellers when showing their property, and sometimes for buyers when showing other agent’s listings.  Recently, as we waited for buyers to arrive at the final walk-through inspection, a car stopped, and the would-be buyers asked if they could see the house my son was in the process of unlocking.

“I’m sorry, it’s sold,”  Josh replied just as our buyers arrived.

“Do you have any more?”  The disappointed prospective buyers inquired.

I walked to the curb and told them, of course, there are other homes for sale in the neighborhood.  After exchanging contact information, they drove away but only after thanking me profusely.  They were driving through their first choice neighborhood and felt extremely fortunate to see an agent out there working in the field of their dreams.

Similar scenes have played out many times in my real estate career.  It’s true, when one door closes, or is sold, another one opens, or, at least, comes on the market.  I always advise buyers not to fret over the one that got away.  Another one is coming on the market soon.  Sometimes it takes months (dare, I say years) but there will be another house that fulfills their requirements of a dream house.  At the moment, they may think they will never fall in love again, but they will.

As I prepare to pass the keys to one buyer this week, another buyer is anxious to begin the house hunting journey.

And so the process of opening and closing doors continues.  I suppose my fascination with doors when I travel stems from my love of helping clients find just the right one for them.

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