The amazing southern coast of Palos Verdes CA

Not all luxuries are found inside the four walls of a house. The luxury of location should never be underestimated. Whether it is the decision to live near the coast or the city center, a location has tremendous value.  The site selected can add (or deduct) an immense sum of money to any property.

There’s a reason for the repetitive answer of location, location, location to the question of what are the three most important factors when buying real estate.  Location impacts the way we live our daily lives, how far we must commute to work, school and social gatherings.  Locating in a top-notch school district affects the education our children receive.  The luxury of living in a coastal community can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to a home’s price tag.

Seek an acceptable balance of give and take.

Coastal land is limited and expensive, toss in a highly rated local school system, a moderate climate, breathtaking views, and real estate prices become lofty indeed.  The value of living in such a community is a luxury that touches nearly every aspect of life.

However, it is hard to put a value on a daily walk along the ocean’s edge, the peace of mind of knowing you are affording your children a top education and the soul-satisfying moment of standing perfectly still and watching a sunrise or sunset over the water.


The Palos Verdes Peninsula offers a wide variety of home styles and prices, but we all get to enjoy the benefits of a stellar school system, the coastal lifestyle and those jaw-dropping views that appear before our eyes as we go about our daily lives in Palos Verdes.  Some things are simply priceless.

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