Best Fixer Buys in Palos Verdes

By | October 29th, 2018|Charlemagne Int'l Properties, Featured Articles, Palos Verdes Coastal Homes, Palos Verdes Fixers, Palos Verdes Homes with view, Palos Verdes top real estate agents, Top Palos Verdes Listing Agents|

  "Are there any good deals on fixer properties in Palos Verdes?" A prospective buyer recently called me with this question. My answer was a cautious yes. After years of a raging seller's market with annual price increases, an underpriced property is a rarity. Thus, future potential becomes the front and center consideration for my fix and flip clientele. Any Palos Verdes fixer property under consideration as a potential fix and flip candidate already has two crucial factors in place:  Location and excellent schools. If a Palos Verdes property hits the market with a stunning view, ample square footage, and an interior begging to be updated, expect plenty of competition because such houses are a rare discovery in this market. If you're waiting for such a find, be patient, your expectations may be ahead of the current market. If you're willing to delve a bit deeper with your vision (and [...]