The Tale of a Sale

By | March 8th, 2018|Charlemagne Int'l Properties, Featured Articles, Listings, Palos Verdes Coastal Homes, Palos Verdes top real estate agents, selling your palos verdes luxury home, Seniors Selling Primary Residence|

It may not take a village to orchestrate a successful real estate sale, but it certainly requires a team. I recently sold a home in the Lunada Bay area of Palos Verdes Estates, California. It was my sign in the front yard, but the backstory reflects a much different view. The Seller plays a lead role in every sale. First, they must decide the time is right for them to sell a property. Next, they engage a real estate professional to guide them through the steps of selling, including pre-listing preparation, deciding whether to stage or not to stage the property, and establishing a marketing plan that begins with professional photos. After generating and negotiating offers, an escrow and title company are engaged to help close the sale. Termite Reports, City Reports, Home Inspection Reports and at least 60, yes, up to 60 other items must be checked off the list [...]