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Forget about fifteen minutes of fame. The average home showing takes less than ten minutes. If your home captures the heart and soul of the prospective buyers they may stay longer. If not, they are gone in under five minutes. Yes, your house is staged whether you know it or not.


The image of your home is frozen in time in the buyer’s mind. Images of the style, the furnishings, the condition, the smell, the amenities and the ambiance are locked away for future consideration or rejection. These components make up the overall “staging” of your property at the time of each showing.


When you grant permission to show your home you are issuing tickets to a show. Consider it your personal Broadway production. Just as a theatre patron expects to be entertained and have an unforgettable experience, the prospective buyer wants to be “moved” by a house they hope to call home. Your job is to set the stage, engage their senses and make the value of your home visible on every level.


Are you ready for your close up? Whether you pay for professional staging or not, your home is the stage and the prospective buyers are the customers. You get one showing to make them want an encore showing or to write an offer. Give it your best shot the first time.


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players…Shakespeare


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