The coast of Palos Verdes

The sellers I work with are smart and savvy. It may be a strong market for sellers, but every seller realizes they still needs a ready, willing and able buyer. Sellers are adapting to the new rules of real estate with a shift in attitude, increased market knowledge and cooperation, and by playing their property’s trump card with pride.


Shift your mindset: Pack your emotions away. You are now a seller and that requires a shift in attitude. You have a property to market and sell before you can move on with your life.


Know what buyers want, and give it to them. Today’s buyers are savvy and they want a good product at a fair price. Make sure your property meets or exceeds their expectations. Get serious about showcasing your product. Some buyers have vision, but many need you to paint the picture for them. Staging a property can be a wonderful way to showcase a home’s floor plan and livability factor.


What’s your property’s wow factor? If it’s the view accent it by orienting the furniture to showcase the view. Open the drapes and blinds to show it off. Lead the buyers toward your home’s best features. Maybe it’s a wonderful outdoor living space, a spacious master bedroom or a breathtaking garden. Go ahead and be a bit of a show-off, and chances are you will soon be enjoying the pay-off.

– Norma Toering, Broker at Charlemagne Intl Properties

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Norma Toering - Broker