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Organic cage-free eggs are delicious but pretty pricey, and horses eat tons of hay and grains, not to mention the mucking out the stalls and exercise required to keep a happy horse. It’s no wonder some vacant horse stables in Palos Verdes are now housing a few chickens. It’s a Palos Verdes real estate trend we see more frequently.

A few months ago a prospective buyer said she wanted to purchase horse property in Rolling Hills Estates and asked if she could keep a few chickens instead of a horse.  We checked the zoning, and as long as you keep the number low and avoid those noisy roosters, a few clucking hens are welcome.  A word to the wise:  It’s advisable to check with Rolling Hills Estates before you invest in chickens as rules and regulations are always subject to change.

Outdoor dining space

Yesterday, we toured a new listing in Rolling Hills Estates and after viewing the picture-perfect house, we ventured out into the spacious deck and inviting yard.  Sure enough, there was no horse in the stable, but the trio of chicken hens remained oblivious to the agents and brokers checking out their backyard coop as they scratched the soil in search of a tasty morsel.

The rest of the property is appealing as well.  Recently remodeled inside, and with a landscaped yard with outdoor living in mind, it’s a residence you would be proud to call home.


Got chickens? If you’re in the market to buy horse property, for horses or chickens, give us a call, and we’ll help you find the right Palos Verdes horse property for you.

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