Up, up, and away we go on our 2017 real estate ride!


“Everything is up in the air for 2017.”  Those were the opening remarks of Leslie Appleton-Young, an economist with the California Association of Realtors, when she addressed the Palos Verdes Board of Realtors breakfast meeting January 5, 2017. She touched on several key factors that will impact housing during the upcoming year.



  1.  Home prices are high in California and pricing many buyers out of the market.
  2.  Residents are leaving the State due to the high cost of housing (and the long commute if they purchase affordable homes in neighboring counties).
  3.  More parents are helping (or buying) homes for their children.  This is particularly the case in the high-priced coastal regions such as Palos Verdes.


Time’s impact on real estate values


  1. 5-6% for 2016 and expected to be similar for 2017.
  2. The upper end of market flattened out.
  3.  San Francisco area (Silicon Valley) saw a nearly 40% increase in home values. Will Silicon Beach have a similar impact on local home values in years to come?



  1.  3-4 Months of inventory is the new normal.
  2.  Today’s inventory turns over 3% to 4% annually; in the 1970s it was 7% to 8%.
  3.  More single-family homes are rentals–purchased by investors during the housing recession.
  4.  There are multiple offers on properties, but not as many.
  5.  Investors (including foreign investors) are still a factor, but not as many as in years past.


Interest Rates:

  1.  4.25% is the new norm, still low from a historical point of reference.
  2.  More interest rate highs likely in the works for 2017.
  3.  It’s easier to obtain a loan, but many first-time home buyers are unaware of low down payment options available.
  4.  Housing is a very “rate sensitive” industry.


Local Highlights:

  1. Palos Verdes Estates:  The median value of a single-family home is $1,700,000.
  2. Rancho Palos Verdes:  The median value is $1,400,000.


Single-Family Homes Market Sider for PV


Homes priced over $3,000,000

More Points to Ponder: 

If you purchased a property in 2011 or 2012, congratulate yourself and thank your real estate agent.  You bought in the “sweet spot” of the market low.

Real Estate is still one of the best long-term investments.

California leads the nation in job growth. This is bound to put pressure on the housing supply. 

If it’s time to tweak your real estate portfolio, let me know how I can help you achieve your 2017 real estate goals. 310.493.8333 or Norma@CharlemagneProperties.com