Moving from a house you’ve called home for many years is always a big decision.  Often, such a move is precipitated by a life event.  Perhaps it’s retirement, divorce, death of a spouse, or the echoes now heard in rooms once filled with children.  Life involves a series of changes and moving can be one of the most challenging but also rewarding.

“Where do I begin?”  This is the question frequently asked by anyone faced with the task of sorting their earthly possessions into categories of Keep This, Get Rid of That.  This shedding the skin of your past life and embracing the unknown of your future life is not only a huge physical task, it also involves the heart and spirit.  It touches the whole human and reminds us there is no way to carry everything with us to our new residence, except in our hearts and minds.  Parting with possessions helps us move from one life stage to the next.  It is not without its growing pains, but there is an incredible lightness of being when we lighten the load.

Back to where to begin.  Start here:  “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.  This mighty manual about the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing is nothing short of amazing and yes, it will help you change your life–even if there is not an immediate move in your future.

It’s a New York Times best seller with over 3 million copies sold, and from this day forward every one of my prospective sellers will own a copy of it before their home is sold.

What is your home worth?


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