I attended the Palos Verdes Board of Realtors March Breakfast meeting yesterday. Although breakfast was delicious, my primary reasoning for being there was to hear Gov Hutchison, California Association of Realtors’ attorney, speak regarding trends and changes reflected in California laws and real estate forms. Here are the latest updates:

  1.  There’s a new bedbug form. Yes, those little critters have arrived in our Golden State.  The new disclosure form states landlords must disclose if the property was inspected for bedbugs, and if so, the results of said inspection.  Tenants must tell landlord if the rental property becomes infested; landlord must address issue and eviction of the tenant is not allowed.
  2.  Carbon Monoxide/Plumbing form is now mandatory. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are required; it is seller’s responsibility to disclose whether such upgrades are in place. If the plumbing upgrades are not in place, expect it to become a point of negotiations during the sale.
  3.  Effective January 2018 real estate license numbers are required to appear on signs, websites, and all marketing.

Other timely tidbits of useful information:

Income units are moving toward individual water meters; they are required in new construction. There is a new Water Meter form for use in the sale of income property.

Landlords cannot discriminate due to applicant’s criminal record (within reason), nor refuse because tenant does not speak English.  The landlord should request the tenant have a translator of tenant’s choice.

A rental rule to remember is a smoke detector is required in every bedroom–one in the hallway will not suffice.  Many local city ordinances have required this for some time.

The housing shortage in California is generating some relaxation in the zoning for two-on-a-lot requirements.  Granny Flats and Tiny Houses are growing in popularity. State guidelines override some city restrictions.

I’m glad I spent the morning receiving an update on new laws and changes in my industry. It’s one of the many ways I bring value and expertise to my client’s transactions. Norma Toering broker/owner of Charlemagne Int’l Properties independent real estate firm.  310.493.8333 or Norma@CharlemagneProperties.com