Seller Tip: Does Color Matter?

By | August 10th, 2015|Charlemagne Int'l Properties, Seller Tips, Selling your Palos Verdes Home, selling your palos verdes luxury home, Seniors Selling Primary Residence, Top Palos Verdes Listing Agents|

Neutral colors appeal to most buyers. I wrote this article a few years ago when the real estate market was struggling to recover from the recession.  However, some advice is timeless and applies whether the market is up, down or somewhere in between. Color is an easy thing to change--most of the time. Other times it can be a brick wall (or maybe a purple or black one), making it impossible for a buyer to move forward with thoughts of living with the offending palette. Yes, we're talking paint choice here! Color choice is Important when selling a property. This week my buyers discovered a flamingo pink bathroom, a grass green dining room and an exterior color that was a drab brown reminiscent of those brown and orange disco days of the 1970s. Of course, I pointed out those were "cosmetic" fixes, but I could not [...]