New Torrance, CA Listing–915 Melissa Street

By | July 30th, 2015|Charlemagne Int'l Properties, Listings, South Bay of Los Angeles Homes For Sale, Uncategorized|

I received one of my favorite type of emails a few days ago--a past client is moving to a new city, and after saying "Yes" to the move her thoughts turned to listing her Torrance home.  It's rewarding to know once again, Josh and I were their top-of-mind real estate agents. Three years ago we sold the property to them and it is their very first home.  They were referred to us by a mutual acquaintance and we spent many months showing them property before they found "The One." They thoroughly enjoyed living in the three bedroom house, but decided the time is right to make their next move. People often contemplate a move for many months before they make the final decision to move.  However, once the decision is made they are anxious to start the process.  My clients want their home on the market in time for a [...]