Prospective sellers often ask when is the best time to list my property.  My Southern California response is different than many other areas of the country.  Personal reasons override climate when choosing the right time to sell.


It does not snow in my local market area, so icy roads and slushy streets are not weather conditions my clients need to factor into their listing date decision.  We do have a rainy season, if we’re lucky, from November to March.  Summer heat waves are usually restricted to a few days of hot, dry and smoggy Santa Ana winds.  We have June gloom for a few weeks when coastal fog hides the sun until mid-day.  In Southern California lifestyle, not weather, plays an important role in detemining the best time to sell.


The window of opportunity is open longer due to the climate and weather we enjoy on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Sellers can time their move based on their personal calendar, not Mother Nature’s seasons.  Spring brings a small bump in activity but sales also happen in December and January. If you missed the spring market, the summer one is a good one too.  The Fall market has ample buyers with children back in school and summer vacation a fond memory. Weather does not slow the winter market except for an occasional rainy day or two.


In Southern California the best time to sell a house is when you are ready.


Norma Toering, Broker at Charlemagne Intl Properties