What an incredible year this has been so far–just six more weeks until we greet 2021! With a vaccine on the horizon, we may finally turn the long-anticipated corner on the pandemic that played havoc with the economy, and our daily lives.

The housing market in Palos Verdes never quivered. Instead, it continued its steady climb to new heights while the supply of homes struggled to keep pace with the demand. My takeaway is home has never been more important or fulfilled so many roles for homeowners. Home offices, homeschooling, home movies, and home-cooked meals increase the emotional and financial value of having a place to call your very own.

There are currently 115 single family Palos Verdes homes listed for sale. 99 Palos Verdes residences are in escrow with accepted offers, and 580 single family residences sold year-to-date.

Palos Verdes Coastal Homes

More Palos Verdes Real Estate Snapshots for November 2020:

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