The Palos Verdes luxury homes real estate statistics show it is moving toward a market favoring buyers.  For sellers, this means your luxury residence will face stiffer competition and must stand head and shoulders above the crowded Palos Verdes luxury home real estate market.

Palos Verdes luxury homes will continue to sell, but those offering the best value will be skimmed off the top of the rather long list of  65 luxury homes for sale, so make sure your home is perceived as crème de la crème.  The price should reflect the location, condition, view and perhaps even the seller’s motivation level.  Today’s buyers are savvy and informed. Yes, they want a new home, but they also want outstanding value.

There are currently nine Palos Verdes luxury homes in escrow with accepted offers.  21 Palos Verdes luxury homes priced over $3,000,000 sold year-to-date.  It’s easy to see at the absorption rate of 4-5 luxury sales per month the current inventory of 65 luxury homes for sale will last for just over a year.  Armed with this knowledge, luxury home sellers must make sure their property garners the attention and offers of prospective luxury home buyers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Palos Verdes Estates luxury home sold by Charlemagne Int’l Properties June 2017 for $3,150,000.


New listing in Rancho Palos Verdes represented by Charlemagne Int’l Properties:

Contact Norma at 310.493.8333 or Norma@CharlemagneProperties to arrange a tour of the 2016 Russ Barto remodel offered at $2,695,000.