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If you’re in the market to find a top Palos Verdes real estate agent to sell your Palos Verdes property, the choices can be daunting since there are so many agents and real estate companies to consider. The agent you choose to list and sell your residence is one of the top two most important decisions you will make during the entire real estate transaction.  The other one is pricing the property.  The best real estate agents can help you make pricing the property simple with their knowledge of the local market, neighborhood experience, negotiating expertise and awareness of current real estate trends.

Forbes Phoned


A few weeks ago I received a call from Forbes Magazine. The conversation went something like this:


Me: Hello, this is Norma Toering with Charlemagne Int’l Properties.

Forbes: Hello, I’m with Forbes Magazine and am calling you regarding our annual Forbes 400 List.

Me: Wow! Did I make the list? (said with a smile in my voice)

Forbes: No, but we need your help establishing the value of property in Palos Verdes that belongs to a person on the list. Is that something you would be willing to do?

Me: Sure, but I’m curious about how you happened to call me?

Forbes: You seem to be the local luxury home expert in Palos Verdes. I checked online and found your information on several different sites and searches. You’re very thorough and knowledgeable about the Palos Verdes area.


How sweet is that? Did it happen overnight? No, but after eight years of blogging, and thousands (over 4000) of real estate articles in cyberspace, it is nice to know a reporter in New York City found my information when she needed to put her finger on a local luxury property professional on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.


This blogging gig might pay off after all.


P.S. Yes, she gave us and our company credit in the issue. Credit:



Norma Toering and Josh Toering of Charlemagne International Properties have over 40 years of combined experience selling residential properties in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  Although our primary area of concentration is Palos Verdes, we have a number of sales in the beach cities, San Pedro, and other South Bay areas.  Past clients enlisted our help to sell or buy property in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Needles, Pasadena and other areas of California.  Yes, we will travel to represent our clients.


Staged and Ready to Sell–Pasadena CA property presented by Charlemagne Int’l Properties–Norma Toering, broker, Josh Toering agent.

Charlemagne Int’l Properties is headquartered in Rolling Hills Estates, CA and is the boutique real estate company founded by Norma Toering after years of working as an agent and associate broker for one of the Big Box Brokerages in Palos Verdes.  Our goal is to provide an elevated level of service to our clients through each and every step of a real estate transaction.  The depth of our real estate knowledge impacts our customers’ bottom line.  Our negotiating skills can have a positive impact on net profits.  Real estate, especially in California, is expensive and most likely one of the most valuable assets in a client’s investment portfolio. Every seller and buyer deserve a dedicated real estate professional with high integrity and one who will put their client’s best interest above all.

The Internet makes it easy to find standout agents in the local market.   Forbes magazine phoned and requested our help in determining the value of property located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Here’s the article I wrote shortly after receiving the request.

Curb appeal to maximize your property value:


A  current seller sent a message of gratitude this morning after learning we successfully negotiated limited repairs and no credits on the sale of her property.  Those words of appreciation mean we are doing the job she hired us to do–represent her to the best and highest level possible.  That’s what we do.



What is your home worth?


Real estate customer service is not dead.  At least not at Charlemagne Int’l Properties located in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  Although, one may wonder if calls are not returned, and details are left unattended causing homeowners to feel the weight of the myriad of details involved in selling a Palos Verdes property seem to rest solely on the seller’s shoulders.  As one seller recently commented, “Who knew selling a house involved so many moving parts and so much time?”  At Charlemagne, we make every effort to reduce the stress and burden of selling your Palos Verdes property.

Looking for Palos Verdes Horse Property?

Looking for Palos Verdes Horse Property?


We love it when people are talking about Charlemagne International Properties and Norma Toering and Josh Toering!  Let me share a few of the comments we receive on a regular basis from clients who are delighted with their real estate experience with us.

A few words from our past and present clients:

“We hired Norma when we bought our home 4 years ago and it was a wonderland experience. We stumbled on to her Palos Verdes Home blog website by chance when we were researching on buying a home in PV. We thought she was very knowledgeable and decided to set an appointment to meet with her. My wife and I were first time home buyers and Norma patiently educated us and walked us through all the options on what and where to look. Norm and her team gave us very knowledge feedback on our concern and also helped us through some troubling time when we had problems getting approval for a home loan. Finally she found us a wonderful home. It was initially outside of our price range but she negotiated hard for us and we got it! We would work with Norma again when we buy our next home.”  – Unsolicited Zillow Review from past client:

How likely are you to recommend Norma Toering?

zillow 5 stars highly likely
Rate Norma Toering on specific characteristics
Local knowledge: zillow 5 stars
Process expertise: zillow 5 stars
Responsiveness: zillow 5 stars
Negotiation skills: zillow 5 stars

Seller of several properties upon seeing a 5-Star review from another client:

“I will give you a 10-star review! Where do I review?”  – A long term client who we help with 8 real estate deals!

“Thanks for being such a great agent on all our deals! I sure do appreciate more so that you are one heck of a professional in this field who has always had our best interest in mind.” – Carina in RPV (Wharton MBA)

“Thank you both for all your hard work. We had another pleasant experience with the Toering Team. You will be highly recommended in the future.” Steve S. in RPV

“Thank you very much for everything! I am very happy the transaction went very smoothly without me even spending much time on it! I am also happy to be getting such a nice house! I will sure enjoy the house. In the meantime, I will be very happy to refer other clients to you! Stay in touch and see you soon!”

– Alan of Rancho Palos Verdes


“Norma, Congratulations!  I have been providing mortgage financing for over 20 years.  Rarely, do I meet a real estate agent who puts the needs and goals of the client FIRST, regardless of commission.  Your dedication, commitment, and professionalism allowed me to do my job well, provide a great loan for the client and close escrow!   I appreciate the opportunity to work with you!  Great job! ”
–  Chris A. Chudacoff,  Branch Manager at Emery Financial, Newport Beach, CA


“You made everything simple and helped us in every way…We know we can safely say you are a great person, someone who can be trusted.”
Doctors Julio and Beatriz Sierra, Rolling Hills


I think one reason real estate professionals are often undervalued is because so much of our work happens behind closed curtains.  If you’ve ever participated in a theatrical production, you know the vast amount of work involved before opening night.  The goal is to have a seamless production for the attendees to enjoy. There’s a real correlation between a play’s opening night and presenting a new Palos Verdes listing to agents, brokers, open houses and the online audience of an untold number of prospective buyers.





 “You made everything simple and helped us in every way…We know we can safely say you are a great person, someone who can be trusted.”

The value and esteem of a real estate professional would be elevated if we involved the homeowner each time we inched her/his property closer to “opening day.” For instance, before placing a property on the market, we check with a title company to ensure the seller has the right to sell the property.  We review property tax records for square footage discrepancies and review the MLS history of the property.  Sometimes a visit to city hall is required for a review of permits and discussion of how existing issues must be handled to be in compliance with local requirements.  The list goes on and on with the consistent use of the words, “best interest,” “someone we can trust” and other terms reflecting honesty and integrity.

We work with one of the top staging companies in Los Angeles.

We work with one of the top staging companies in Los Angeles.

Presentation of the property in its best light cannot be overlooked.  Currently, we are helping a seller arrange for wallpaper removal, a fresh coat of paint throughout, and vetting local staging and estate sale companies to ease the burden of preparing the property for sale.   No room will go untouched.  Prospective buyers are financially savvy,  market knowledgeable and searching for the best value.  Our goal is to make sure your home delivers on each count.  No house is sold without a ready, willing and able buyer.

If you're ready to downsize contact Charlemagne Int'l Properties to help maximize the value of your Palos Verdes home.

We specialize in helping couples downsize and maximize the value of their Palos Verdes property.

“Norma and Josh, I want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to the sale of my mom’s house. You turned this very emotional time into a positive experience. I cannot praise you enough; I feel so fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with you both. I appreciated the step by step information keeping me continually informed of each phase. Norma, I truly believe your vast experience and continued efforts made this a reality.”

The above seller received a financial blow delivered by the appraiser.  The home appraised $50,000 below the accepted offer.  Some agents would have suggested the seller adjust her price in order for the bank to fund the buyer’s loan and move on.  After all, the property was not her primary residence, and she was finalizing the settlement of her mother’s estate.  I knew the appraiser was off on the value.  Call me crazy, but I got up at 2:00 AM and wrote a 27-page rebuttal to the bank. I asked for and received a second appraisal.  The property appraised a few thousand dollars OVER the accepted offer price, and we moved forward with only a short delay.  The seller was beyond ecstatic with the results.  There is no questions sellers and buyers receive varying levels of representation when it comes to their real estate transaction.  The additional commission I received was small ($1250), but $50,000 more for the seller was huge.  I went the extra mile for my client’s sake, not my self-interest.

Sleeping In Lithograph

When it comes to selecting a real estate firm to represent your interests and your valuable asset, give it the careful consideration a decision of this magnitude deserves.  That one decision will impact the experience you have during the process and perhaps more important; your representation will affect the bottom line of your closing statement from escrow.  You will sleep better knowing you made the right choice, and the sale of your property is in capable hands.

Choose Charlemagne Int’l Properties when only the best will do.  We’ve been selling Palos Verdes homes since 1992, and our top priority is helping you achieve the best real estate results possible.  

Conceptual symbold home made from black and white hands isolated over white background

We care about the sale of your property and what’s best for you.

Our pre-listing marketing includes over five pages of steps we take to make sure every property we list receives top-notch online marketing presentation.  Today’s buyers search online first.  It’s imperative your property is presented in its best light from day one.  Simply listing it on the MLS is not enough.  We list locally, but we market to the world.

Charlemagne Int'l Properties sells locally but markets your Palos Verdes Property to the world.

Charlemagne Int’l Properties sells locally but markets your Palos Verdes Property to the world.

If it’s time to discuss the sale of your Palos Verdes property with one of the best brokers and agents in the South Bay of Los Angeles, we’re ready to help you maximize the value of your home whether it is a cottage or a castle.  We offer a one-hour free consultation and evaluation of what steps you can take to sell your property at the highest price the market will bear.

Our award-winning blogs are ranked in the top 100 real estate blogs in the world.  We’re serious about sharing our real estate knowledge and expertise with our clients.  When you’re ready to put our real estate expertise and knowledge to work for you, give us a call, text or email.

Charlemagne Int’l Properties blogs:

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Palos Verdes Home Values - Broker Charlemagne


If it’s time to sell your Palos Verdes or South Bay home of many years, we can help you with the task of preparing, selling and moving.  Take a few moments to listen to the downsizing video below.


Charlemagne Intl Properties:

5 Stars

When only the best will do, contact Charlemagne Int’l Properties at Norma@CharlemagneProperties. com

Imagine how thrilled you will be to have a sale pending sign in front of your Palos Verdes Property.

Imagine how thrilled you will be to have a sale pending sign in front of your Palos Verdes Property.


Josh and I strive to continually raise our personal best bar by taking classes, attending seminars and webinars.  We’ve recently participated in the following:

Internet Marketing:  Search Engine Optimization (eight-week training course)

International Marketing (one-day training)

Facebook Marketing Techniques (webinar)

Luxury Home Marketing  (three-day seminar)

A few of our real estate related credentials include:

Broker License

Palos Verdes Specialist

Senior Residential Specialist

REMAX Hall of Fame


  • Norma Toering – Broker Owner of Charlemagne Intl Properties   310-493-8333
  • Selling Palos Verdes and South Bay of Los Angeles Properties Since 1992
  • Contributor to Forbes Magazine

About the Author:

Norma Toering is the broker-owner of Charlemagne Intl Properties a boutique real estate company in Los Angeles. She has been a local South Bay real estate agent since 1992. Norma is the most well known & award winning real estate blogger in Palos Verdes. Forbes magazine consulted Norma on Palos Verdes property values when compiling their Forbes 400 list. Cell: 310.493.8333


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