South Bay Residential Income Properties Report

By | June 1st, 2017|Income Property Listings, residential income properties|

Prime residential income properties remain a desirable asset in investors' real estate portfolios. If some of the tax changes proposed by the new administration come to fruition, income properties will likely benefit. The South Bay of Los Angeles is a hotspot for residential income property buyers. The coastal/beach location ensures there will always be a ready supply of renters to fill vacancies. Rents are high in the coastal region, and only a few of the cities are affected by rent control rules and regulations. Let's look at the current supply of residential income properties for sale in a few of the South Bay of Los Angeles cities:   Manhattan Beach:  Seven residential income properties are currently for sale. The properties range in price from $2.3MM for a two-unit building to $8.44MM for three units on The Strand.     Hermosa Beach:  Nine residential income properties are listed for sale. The properties [...]

Redondo Beach Income Properties

By | June 2nd, 2016|Income Property Listings|

The beach cities remain the hottest market for income units in the South Bay.  While the water frontage areas have had amazing jumps in value, we still see some appreciation plays in North Redondo. A fourplex on Curtis was listed this week for $1,625,000.   This one not only has the appreciation potential we're continuing to see in Redondo, but the mix of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units are rented out under market, so there is also upside in upgrading those to current rental rates. Would you like more information on this building or other income properties in the South Bay?  Give Josh a call. Josh Toering, Agent at Charlemagne Intl Properties 310-525-9440 Income units for sale in Redondo Beach: