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We met with a client a few months ago who plans to sell a Palos Verdes Property in March or April of 2016.  She wanted to discuss what needs to be done before the listing the property as well as interview a few agents with the hopes of finding the best match for her needs.  She’s a rare seller; most do not begin the selling process six months before the anticipated listing date.  For some sellers, the shortened timeline works well.  Especially if the house is market ready and needs only a few tweaks before hitting the market.

On the other hand, if a property requires substantial updating including new paint, flooring and more to achieve top dollar, those tasks often require more time to complete.  Starting early will not only net top dollar it will reduce the stress associated with rushing a house to market in order not to miss a window of opportunity.

PVE luxury kitchen

For the downsizing seller, an early start is crucial, especially if relocating to a smaller property is to be completed prior to listing the property.  Lifelong possessions must be sorted, saved and discarded.  The new home must be purchased and readied for the new residents, and their former residence must be prepared for sale.  These things always take more time than most people would like or allow.

Once the home is vacant, sporting a fresh coat of paint and new or refurbished floors it’s time to evaluate whether your property will benefit from professional staging.   The expectation of today’s luxury buyer is to find a property  move-in ready and staged to perfection.  They don’t want to have to use their imagination; they want to see the house at its best.  Savvy sellers take the time to showcase their properties at its best and often reap the rewards of their additional efforts by receiving top market value.

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Planning your next move is a big step and one we are well-suited to helping you manage.  We’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss how to best present your home to prospective buyers.  Contact us to request our one-hour free consultation and let’s get started. We can help you with the preparation as well as the presentation.

A few tips to get you started:

Think neutral–now is not the time to paint the wall a vibrant color.  

Less is more when it comes to closets and countertops.

Every window in the house must sparkle and heavy draperies must go.  Light sells a house.  I’m never had a buyer request a dark house.  

Carpet is not most buyers’ top choice for floors.  Hardwoods or some form of wood floors and limestone or tile are always  good choices when replacing flooring.


Imagine how thrilled you will be to have a sale pending sign in front of your Palos Verdes Property.

Imagine how thrilled you will be to have a sale pending sign in front of your Palos Verdes Property.