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Today, Josh and I attended an estate planning seminar for real estate professionals regarding probate (and how to avoid it), wills (basically a letter to a probate judge), and trusts. It is our goal to be a constant source of valuable real estate information for our clients by attending a variety of educational seminars and classes, then passing the information along to our clients.

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Purchasing, selling or shifting an asset to an entity requires careful consideration as there can be tax and financial ramifications.  We are not specialists in law or tax experts, but we highly recommend consulting with a professional in the appropriate field prior to selling or buying a property.  The right attorney or CPA will be as valuable to you as the right real estate agent. Both can help you structure the sale or purchase to limit future liability and reduce the tax bite. Quite literally, they can be worth their weight in gold.

  • Norma Toering, Broker-owner of Charlemagne Intl Properties

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