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The luxury home market offers many upscale properties with impeccable interior design and space.  That’s to be expected in the upper echelon price range of luxury homes in Greater Los Angeles. However, it is often the exterior living space that seals the sale.


For example, earlier this week Josh and I checked out a listing teetering on the cusp of the luxury home price range in Palos Verdes.  “It doesn’t look like a luxury home.” Those were Josh’s words as we pulled up to the curb and prepared to embark on another new listing home tour.  Josh’s comment did not surprise me, as a matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing.

Williamsburg Lane RH street shot


The price of the property prepped us for one experience, but the exterior warned us we might be in for a disappointing surprise.  The property sent us confusing signals because the exterior still sported its decade old facade, and the landscaping and hardscaping looked just as worn and tired.  Big mistake.  Remember, your property gets to make several first impressions–the online one, the drive by one and perhaps the most important one is the actual walk-through visit.  Don’t lose prospective buyers before they enter the front door.

875 S Madison Ave Pasadena CA front twilight view


My suggestion is to walk across the street and assess your property’s curb appeal from a consumer’s point of view.  Is there shared continuity between the exterior and interior.  If the interior is fabulous but the exterior is less than inviting, it may be time to make the exterior’s appeal match the interior living space.  A new front door, new landscaping and perhaps a new roof can be head-turning improvements.  Exterior improvements will enhance your property’s online appeal as well.  When the photos pique the buyer’s interest, step two is to drive by the house and through the neighborhood.  If they like what they see, step three is to call their agent and arrange a showing.

The Home Pat Sold to Me

Buying a home is a process, and there are several tests each property must pass to earn a coveted showing.  Make sure your home passes each test with flying colors and a sale will soon be in your future.

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