Highest and Lowest Priced Homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

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  Yesterday, while out and about on the Tuesday Tour of new listings I previewed single family homes for sale in Lunada Bay, Malaga Cove, and Palos Verdes Drive South. Those Tuesday Tours always remind me there is a wide variety of homes available for sale.  Just for fun, here is the highest and lowered priced single family homes for sale in each of the four cities located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Palos Verdes Estates: Lowest Price:  3428 Palos Verdes Drive North is a new listing in the Valmonte neighborhood of Palos Verdes Estates.  Better hurry at $1,150,000 this is the lowest price of any single family home currently for sale in PVE. Highest Price:  There are currently three Palos Verdes Estates single family homes for sale priced over $10,000,000 but 705 Via La Cuesta's price tag of $28,000,000 is the highest priced PVE home on the market. The property [...]

The Luxury of Living on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

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  There's a reason location plays such an important role in real estate--it leads the way in determining property value, quality of life, weather conditions, local school performance, cultural and recreational options, as well as a long list of other lifestyle opportunities. When "coastal" becomes part of the location equation, the price tag heads heavenward. Toss in some spectacular hills, canyons, and cliffs and the luxury factor cannot help but come into play.   Coastal Condos in Rancho Palos Verdes   The Palos Verdes Peninsula is fortunate to offer a coastal location with a wide variety of top educational opportunities and an expansive array of housing options. There are award-winning public and private schools.  There are coastal condos prices far below $1,000,000.  However, when it comes to single-family residences it is a challenge to find homes priced under $1,000,000.   The median value of single-family homes located in the [...]

100 Reasons to Call Palos Verdes Home

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This is going to be a long list, and I'm only going to scratch the surface, so let's get started. The list is in no particular order--just the way it popped into my head after living in the area since 1989. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is a 26.3 square mile area located in the southwest corner of Los Angeles County. The Peninsula is 23 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. 1) The Climate: Average temperature in January--66 degrees. Average temperature in July--77 degrees. 2) The Coastal Location: It's the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean kisses three sides 24/7. 3) The Views: Ocean to the south and west. LA city lights to the north and LA Harbor to the east. 4) The Schools: PV is home to a top ranking public system and a plethora of top-notch private schools. 5) The Open Space: A drive around Palos Verdes reveals [...]

There’s a Home in Palos Verdes For You

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One of the things I like best about Palos Verdes, besides the coastal setting and stellar school system, is the wide variety of housing choices available. A 45-minute drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula will encompass the 1950s and 60s cookie cutter communities beginning to assert their individuality with distinctive remodels and architectural makeovers, to coastal estates with sweeping views, and horse properties complete with stables and direct access to the numerous riding trails laced throughout the hills and canyons. If a hint of history and character are desired, Palos Verdes Estates offers many Old Spanish beauties built in the 1920s and 30s in Malaga Cove. Enter at your own risk because they are heart stealers. The current price range available in Palos Verdes Estates is $1,395,000 (3 bedrooms 2 bath starter) to $28,000,000 (a gated estate with coastal views).   If you fancy yourself an urban rancher, saddle up some Saturday morning in your house hunting gear and I'll give you a tour [...]

Need a Top Agent to Sell Your Rancho Palos Verdes Home–Norma Toering and Her Team Are the BEST!

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If you're in the market to find a top Palos Verdes real estate agent to sell your Palos Verdes property, the choices can be daunting since there are so many agents and real estate companies to consider. The agent you choose to list and sell your residence is one of the top two most important decisions you will make during the entire real estate transaction. The other one is pricing the property. The best real estate agents can help you make pricing the property simple with their knowledge of the local market, neighborhood experience, negotiating expertise and awareness of current real estate trends. Forbes Phoned A few weeks ago I received a call from Forbes Magazine. The conversation went something like this:   Me: Hello, this is Norma Toering with Charlemagne Int’l Properties. Forbes: Hello, I’m with Forbes Magazine and am calling you regarding our annual Forbes 400 List. Me: [...]

Curb Appeal – Maximize Your Home Value

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  Is your home ready for its closeup?  The "Fifteen Seconds of Fame" rule certainly applies to selling your home since nearly 50% of prospective buyers drive by their favorite properties BEFORE they schedule an appointment to tour the home with their real estate agent. Yes, that's right.  After locating your home on the Internet and deciding it is in the right price range and the right neighborhood many buyers will check it out from the curb.  Sellers, you can either win them here or lose them.  Over the years, we've had many buyers eliminate a home from our show list based solely on curb appeal. Don't let the curb appeal of your home cost you showings and even a sale.  Every home's curb appeal can be improved no matter the style or age of the property.  We can help you maximize the curb appeal of your home before you [...]

To Stage, Or Not To Stage

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Staged luxury home in Palos Verdes To stage, or not to stage is the question many sellers grapple with when they make the decision to list their property for sale.  Staging is often an upfront cost with no guarantee it will deliver a ready, willing and able buyer.  On the other hand, showing a property staged to perfection increases the home's appeal to prospective buyers. Will staging my property enhance the value?  Probably not to an appraiser, but the added value of staging a property is frequently returned to the seller in other ways.  Most staged homes sell faster than similar homes listed with a "lived in" look.  Professional staging companies often suggest a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new flooring in some instances as a backdrop for their staged rooms.  Again, more costs for the seller before the sale but buyers prefer moving into a [...]

Sellers, There’s a Buyer Looking For Your Door

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A Cotswold Door--England 2010 As a Palos Verdes real estate agent and broker / owner of Charlemagne Int'l Properties, I spend much of my time opening and closing doors.  Sometimes for sellers when showing their property, and sometimes for buyers when showing other agent's listings.  Recently, as we waited for buyers to arrive at the final walk-through inspection, a car stopped, and the would-be buyers asked if they could see the house my son was in the process of unlocking. "I'm sorry, it's sold,"  Josh replied just as our buyers arrived. "Do you have any more?"  The disappointed prospective buyers inquired. I walked to the curb and told them, of course, there are other homes for sale in the neighborhood.  After exchanging contact information, they drove away but only after thanking me profusely.  They were driving through their first choice neighborhood and felt extremely fortunate to see an agent out there working in the [...]

Is One of Your 2016 Resolutions to Find a Top Palos Verdes Real Estate Agent?

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If one of your 2016 New Year's resolutions is to find a top Palos Verdes real estate agent(and brokerage) to help you maximize the value of your Palos Verdes property before you sell, we hope Charlemagne International Properties is on your radar. If not, it should be, and here's why:  One of the most valuable things the best and brightest agents in the field can do is make sure your property sells for its highest and best value. Achieving your real estate goal requires much more than planting a sign in your front yard. Preparing a property for sale is crucial if the goal is to sell for the highest price the present real estate market will bear. We recently helped a seller increase the sale price by approximately ten percent. Yes, it required time and effort, but since the average Palos Verdes property is worth just under $2,000,000, ten [...]

2015 Housing Market Update–Before You Sell or Buy Read This

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If you're in the market to either sell or purchase a property in the near future here is some insider information that will add to your knowledge of what's happening in the local and California real estate market as 2015 draws to a close. Last week I listened to a webinar hosted by Oscar Wei, a senior economist with California Association of Realtors.  He shared snippets of real estate trends and statistics with brokers and agents in hopes this information can be used as we formulate our business plans for 2016.  At Charlemagne Int'l Properties we feel one of our primary goals is to share our real estate knowledge to educate prospective sellers and buyers so they can make the most informed and intelligent decisions when they purchase or list a property. Here are some of the most pertinent points conveyed:  2015 year-end price increases will be single-digit in most [...]