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Josh Toering has worked in Los Angeles real estate since 1995 including income property, luxury homes, and commercial property management. He has completed additional training for investment property analysis and the Palos Verdes Specialist designation. He is an agent-associate with the family owned Charlemagne Int'l Properties in Palos Verdes.

Peninsula Pointe – Selling Your Luxury PV Home

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Peninsula Pointe - Rancho Palos Verdes Luxury Homes     . SOLD - by Norma Toering & Team. We helped our clients win in a competitive sellers' market and they now own this amazing view home in Peninsula Pointe. Lovely homes overlooking the Pacific in Peninsula Pointe. Looking down on Albero Court in the Peninsula Pointe development in Rancho Palos Verdes. This neighborhood is one of the few in Palos Verdes that is within walking distance to the luxury Terranea Resort with fine dining. -Norma Toering, Broker Charlemagne Intl Properties310-493-8333 Homes for sale in the Peninsula Pointe neighborhood: [idx-listings linkid="406419" count="45"]

Redondo Beach Luxury Listings and Sales–October 2015

By | November 1st, 2015|Beach City Luxury Homes|

The "feel" on the street by those of us working in the real estate field on a daily basis is the market is slowing down and losing a bit of steam after three strong comeback years. The results of my research on recent activity in the Redondo Beach, CA luxury home market supports and converts the feeling into fact. There are currently three Redondo Beach luxury homes priced at or over $3,000,000 for sale. There are no Redondo Beach high-end luxury homes currently in escrow and no closed sales in the over $3M price range for the month of September. After three plus years of a strong sellers' market the scale is making a slow move toward neutral territory. It's still not a buyers' market, but with more homes to choose from and a slowing of price increases, buyers may find the opportunity to purchase a luxury home in the [...]

Hermosa Beach Luxury Listings and Sales–October 2015

By | November 1st, 2015|Beach City Luxury Homes|

Three Hermosa Beach luxury properties priced at or above $3,000,000 sold during September 2015. The most expensive sale for the month was a Strand property sold for "lot value" at $8,100,000. Yes, a spot on the sand along The Strand is costly. There are currently four Hermosa Beach luxury residences in escrow with accepted offers. Three of the properties are single family homes, one is a townhouse. There are 13 luxury homes for sale in Hermosa Beach as of Oct. 17, 2015. One of the properties for sale is a townhouse, one is a condo, the rest are single family homes. Sales in the Beach Cities luxury home market appear to have slowed in recent months. At the current rate of absorption there is over a three month supply of luxury inventory in Hermosa Beach. These numbers still favor sellers, but there are more choices available to buyers, and more [...]

Manhattan Beach Luxury Listings and Sales–October 2015

By | November 1st, 2015|Beach City Luxury Homes|

Here's an update on luxury homes priced at or above $3,000,000 in Manhattan Beach, CA.   3 Manhattan Beach luxury homes sold during September 2015. All three were single family detached homes. 8 Manhattan Beach luxury homes are in escrow with accepted offers. 43 Manhattan Beach luxury homes are currently for sale. The luxury market in Manhattan Beach has cooled in recent months. A quick glance at the available inventory and absorption rate reveal a five month supply of homes. This moves the luxury home market in Manhattan Beach into neutral territory after several years of being firmly entrenched in a sellers' market. The could be the buying signal prospective buyers want. The Yellow Dot Market Snapshot is for all price ranges in each area. There are markets within markets, and when we breakout the luxury market in Manhattan Beach the numbers fall in the neutral zone. For help in [...]

Selling Your Miraleste Rancho Palos Verdes Home?

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Have you outgrown your Rancho Palos Verdes home?  Growth happens in many ways.  Sometimes you need more space, and sometimes you may have grown in such a way that less space is required.  The cycles of life play an important role in our housing requirements and often nudge us from one residence to the next.  Whether it is time to move up or scale down, the help of a seasoned real estate professional is essential. The Miraleste area in Rancho Palos Verdes is a lovely neighborhood on the east side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  With its winding streets and spectacular views Via Colinita is one of the most prestigious addresses.  Josh and I toured a new listing on Via Colinita yesterday, and while there stopped to make a quick video for prospective sellers in the Via Colinita and Miraleste neighborhoods.   I worked at real estate offices located at [...]

875 S Madison Ave, Pasadena – Open House Invitation

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If you missed the market debut of 875 S Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA on Sunday you can catch repeat performances Thursday 10 AM to 2 PM on July 2, and Sunday, July 5, 1 to 4 PM.  More than 50 groups walked through the wide halls and few left without leaving a positive comment about this Madison Heights architectural gem.       This Madison Heights character home is a delight to tour--from the curb to the garage there is grace, history and design elements to enjoy.   We look forward to seeing you at either the public open house on Sunday or the Broker/Agent open house on Thursday.  You may also schedule a private showing.     875 Madison Ave - Listed at $2,800,000 5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms Built in 1914 Guest quarters Pool, deck & backyard Large attic Basement 2 Car garage + storage 4364 square feet (per [...]

From Contract to Close

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Your offer to purchase a home was accepted! Those are beautiful words for most buyers to hear, and most sellers are relieved to know they are close to achieving their goal as well. Buyers are delighted to conclude the endless search online and in the streets of their neighborhoods of choice. Sellers are thrilled the need to vacate their living quarters during showings and the daily task of keeping the house "show ready" are drawing to a close. It's a happy time for both parties to the contract. Then reality hits. There are inspections to do, repairs or credits to negotiate, bids to obtain, tons of disclosures to complete, sign and deliver. Appraisals and perhaps even a termite fumigation will be required. Maybe mold will be found or a structural defect. Agents know this is where the real work begins. Showings are merely the prelude and pretty part of selling [...]

Seller Tip–3 Little Secrets for a Happily Ever After Sale

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  The sellers I work with are smart and savvy. It may be a strong market for sellers, but every seller realizes they still needs a ready, willing and able buyer. Sellers are adapting to the new rules of real estate with a shift in attitude, increased market knowledge and cooperation, and by playing their property's trump card with pride.   Shift your mindset: Pack your emotions away. You are now a seller and that requires a shift in attitude. You have a property to market and sell before you can move on with your life.   Know what buyers want, and give it to them. Today's buyers are savvy and they want a good product at a fair price. Make sure your property meets or exceeds their expectations. Get serious about showcasing your product. Some buyers have vision, but many need you to paint the picture for them. Staging [...]

Sellers, Your Home Is Staged Whether You Know It Or Not

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Forget about fifteen minutes of fame. The average home showing takes less than ten minutes. If your home captures the heart and soul of the prospective buyers they may stay longer. If not, they are gone in under five minutes. Yes, your house is staged whether you know it or not.   The image of your home is frozen in time in the buyer's mind. Images of the style, the furnishings, the condition, the smell, the amenities and the ambiance are locked away for future consideration or rejection. These components make up the overall "staging" of your property at the time of each showing.   When you grant permission to show your home you are issuing tickets to a show. Consider it your personal Broadway production. Just as a theatre patron expects to be entertained and have an unforgettable experience, the prospective buyer wants to be "moved" by a house [...]

What’s the Value of a Palos Verdes View?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the value of a view. This is one of the great puzzles of selling view homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. We have a plethora of views. There are varying degrees of views, there are up close and personal views and there are some homes with pastoral views (some buyers consider this a non-view when compared with a panoramic view). What's an agent to do when asked to place a value on a view? The Views of Palos Verdes: The Queen's Necklace view is one of the most sought after on the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula. Many residents of Palos Verdes Estates are fortunate to enjoy this amazing sight from the comfort and convenience of their home. It is a combination of Pacific Ocean meeting the encircling lights of the Beach Cities and beyond all the way to Malibu. Toss [...]