The City Managers of the four Palos Verdes Peninsula cities each took a turn at the microphone to update local real estate professionals about changes and improvements happening in their town.

Here are few worthy mentions from my notes:


Rolling Hills:  Building permits are on the rise. Each new home must set aside a minimum of 1,000

Each new home must set aside a minimum of 1,000 sq. ft. for a stable. If you add one

If you add one square inch to the residence must put utilities underground (to the street, I believe).

Approximately 95% of Rolling Hills homes are on septic systems.

More patrols added to reduce burglaries and adding three cameras.  The entire PVP will have 25 security cameras installed at various points throughout Palos Verdes.

There is a View/Trees ordinance.  Check with City.



Rolling Hills Estates:  The City continues to offer a site check during the escrow period and will check for violations such as unpermitted living space or structures, etc.

Coyotes are an issue.

The Brickwalk landside area is not suitable for future building.

Several new condo developments and senior care facilities are being built, and more are under consideration.  The new homes at the Rolling Hills Country Club is the largest development currently underway in RHE with 114 new homes to be constructed beginning late 2016.

The reservoir at PVDN and PVDE is being refurbished/improved and will be filled upon completion.


Palos Verdes Estates:  The City is creating a parks fund.

Upgrades are planned for Lunada Bay and Malaga Cove Plazas.

The fire department is paid for by parcel tax on homeowners.

20 new cell phone sites planned for better phone service

Real estate signs must be ten feet from the curb or will be removed.

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Rancho Palos Verdes:

The new security cameras have resulted in four arrests.

More cameras planned for Western Avenue area.

RPV has two new deputies serving the area.

Hawthorne Blvd. beautification ongoing.

Check out the website for good neighborhood information.

Buyers are encouraged to visit City Planning Dept. before purchasing.

RPV is tracking coyotes and peafowl to control the wildlife issues in the area better.


It was an important meeting; the breakfast was delicious, and I won the door prize!