Favorite Luxury Bathroom

“What do luxury home buyers expect when purchasing a home in Palos Verdes?”  This is the question a buyer/builder asked this week as he pondered whether to move forward with the purchase of a lot on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. After a few probing questions about location, size, and price we concluded the following considerations are almost de rigueur when considering designing and building a home for the Palos Verdes lifestyle:

1.  Build around the view–don’t block it with solid walls or shrink it with tiny windows.  Many prospective buyers move to Palos Verdes to enjoy our plethora of panoramic views, and it’s surprising to see how many new homes do not take full advantage of the stunning natural beauty outside the four walls of the residence.

2.  Go for understated elegance rather than showy ostentatiousness.  The residents of Palos Verdes enjoy the luxurious amenities an elegant home affords, but this is not Palm Beach or Beverly Hills.  We like to fly under the radar with our homes and our lifestyle.

3.  Go timeless, not trendy, with architectural design and interior style.  Keep the structure in harmony with nature and the environment

4.  Build a home with soul, not necessarily a house with excessive square footage.  People recognize and appreciate quality.

5. Build a home you will be proud to leave as your legacy.  After all, the home will bear your surname (or your company’s name), and you want the buzz to be a positive one.


“Buildings, too, are children of the Sun and Earth.”  Frank Lloyd Wright



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